Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real food!

Today was a big day for us, and not just because of the new president...Amelia tried real food for the first time! She feasted on organic sweet potatoes, and she LOVED them!!! Enjoy the video (it was too large to upload on this site, so please click on the link) and pictures...

Amelia continues to surprise us. She is officiallly now a roller! She's rolled over a few times here and there, but now she's obsessed with it. Alex would leave the room with her on the floor to get something to drink, come back and find her on her tummy. Good stuff! Oh and she's wearing size 3 diapers now...big girl! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Girl!

Today Amelia had her official 4 month check-up. We would have had it last week, but she had another ear infection. Thankfully, she received a clean bill of health today!
Our little sweet P weighs 15 pounds, 6 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long! The nurse measured her length twice...the first time she was 26 1/2 inches and the nurse didn't believe she could be that long so she measured her again. I actually think she's 26 1/2 inches long, based on the measurements we've taken at home, but whatever. She's in the 85th percentile for length and 90th percentile for weight. Dr. S. is really really happy with her development and thinks she's a beautiful child (she is, of course!).
She has incredible head/neck control so we've been given the green light to start baby food. I'm sure that will get a whole blog entry to itself, so stay tuned! The doctor also confirmed what I've been suspecting--we have teeth on the top & bottom getting ready to poke through!!! This is going to be quite an adventure.
Because it was her 4 month check-up, Amelia got some more immunizations. She got 4 shots (!!!) and an oral vaccine. She did NOT like the shots, but as soon as I held her she felt better and stopped crying. We've been giving her Tylenol every 4 hours, and she's been a very good baby all day. Of course we've been giving her all the cuddles she can stand to make up for the hard day she had! Amelia is such a trooper, despite the immunizations she is still laughing and playing.
We go back for her 6th month check-up. It will be here before we know it! Amelia is growing up before our very eyes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Every night before bed we lay Amelia on our bed and take off her clothes for a diaper change. This is our favorite time of the day. Amelia talks to us and laughs with us. Alex found one of her tickle spots, and here is a video of her laughing!

Friday, January 9, 2009

4 Months Old!

I am 4 months old already!
I haven't seen the doctor for my 4 month check up or shots yet, but I am "unofficially" 14 pounds, 10 ounces and about 27 inches long!!! I'm a big girl!
I imitate sounds Mommy & Daddy make, and love toys that light up and make noise. I rolled over from my tummy to my back on my 4th month birthday! And tummy time is a little more fun now. I can do a mini-push up and hold my head up really high to see what's going on around me. No teeth yet, but I'm drooling and gnawing on things like crazy! I'm also trying to sit myself up from a lying down position.
I'm growing so fast and getting cuter every day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Amelia's 1st New Years was laid back. Mamaw, Pampaw and Great Aunt Marilyn came over and we just hung out. We watched the ball drop in NY, then everyone went home. Alex, Amelia and I watched the ball drop (again) at CST midnight in bed and then fell asleep!

Here's hoping that 2009 brings all good things!!!


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