Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Pictures

Sorry to just dump pictures in a random post, but that's what you're getting!

Crying while eating ice cream

Mr. 4 Month Old [looking more & more like Daddy every day!]

Almost giving the thumbs up

Casual Julian

Julian using Amelia as leverage as he tries to sit up


Laughing - they do this off & on ALL.DAY!  It's wonderful.

Julian rocking his new shoe socks

Brother-sister bonding

Look Julian - Babcia & Dzia Dzia are on Skype (that's really what she said...and they were on Skype)!

Julian looks a little shocked here

Giving the ol' Bebe Pod a spin

He thinks it's hilarious.

Leaning on Amelia


They are too cute together!

He's clearly enjoying himself.  Amelia, meh.

Amelia trying on her backpack for an outing - it literally made her fall backwards when I put it on's heavy!

Ready to go shopping!

Double Play-date

A mom-friend of mine has a daughter about 2 months older than Amelia and a son 2 months younger than Julian.  We've been trying to get them together for a while, but life is busy!  They finally came over to play on Monday, and everyone had a blast!

Olivia & Amelia share a love for Disney Princesses, so they quickly became BFFs.  :)  By coincidence, we had dressed our boys in the SAME outfit - too funny!

Amelia loved playing with Olivia, and I think Julian enjoyed making his first friend.  Of course Mommy enjoyed some much needed grown-up conversation.  Amelia is already asking when Olivia can come back over.

Princess time

Hey, you're on my mat AND you're wearing the same outfit!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We took a spontaneous trip to the Zoo on Julian's 4 month birthday.  It was supposed to be one of the cooler days, so we thought it'd be perfect.  It started out nice, but it got HOT!  I think the high was 93*.  Sadly, that did end up being one of the "cooler" days. 

We all had a good time.  We went to the Children's Zoo for the first time (I'd never been there, either).  It was TOTALLY worth the money!  Amelia had a blast!  There were 3 frog statues, and she approached them, one at a time and said, "Never, ever, ever, I mean NEVER kiss a frog! Yuck!" and then kissed each one.  :)  Julian slept through it all, but what else is new?  :) 

Amelia also loved eating at Zoo (next time, we'll pack a lunch!).  On our way out, we stopped by the Build a Bear Workshop.  Amelia talked about going there the whole time we were at the Zoo, but once we were there she didn't want to build anything.  So she picked out a pre-made Giraffe for her and an Elephant for Julian.  Good times!  [Check out our SUPER COOL double stroller!  I bought it from a friend at a great price.  She'd only used it a few times and it looked brand new.  LOVE IT!]

Petting the guinea pigs


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