Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Pic Time!

Yes, loyal readers, it's that time again - RANDOM PICTURE TIME! Mommy has been busy with work and hasn't had much time to update my blog. So now she's going to dump a bunch of pictures in 1 post...lucky you!

Enjoy the cuteness!
Watching Aunt Kimmy
I love Aunt Kimmy


Bye Aunt Kimmy (mmm, good toe!)!!! At the airport. :(

The AWESOME quilt Julie made me for my 1st birthday!


Uh oh!

Climbing into the chair

In the chair (see how I used my block wagon as a step stool?)


Watching the annoying -er, I mean awesome- Fresh Beat Band

Sleeping, butt in the air

Another cheese face. The kiddie rocker she's in belonged to me when I was a child. My mom made new padding for it.

Birthday Pics

The fabulous Trisha gave us a link in the last post to some of the pics from Amelia's 1st birthday. To save everyone the effort, I'm posting it here. Be sure to turn the volume up on your computer - there's a song! :) We should have all the pics on CD sometime this week, so check back for that post.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Amelia's 1st Birthday Party!

We had Amelia's 1st Birthday party on August 15th. A little early, but we wanted to have it when Aunt Kimmy was in town.

Overall, the party was a huge success! We had a rough start though. Amelia got up from her nap (only about 40 minutes) and would have gone back down, but I forced her into her party dress. She was already cranky, and then when I brought her out to a room full of people, she had a MAJOR MELTDOWN! Eventually she got warmed up to everyone and had fun playing with her friends.

We had a friend of mine, Trisha, take pics of the party so we didn't have to worry about missing anything. It'll be a little while until we have the pictures, so here are some that my parents took for now. Of course I'll post again with Trisha's pictures when I get them!

Invite designed by mammakins on etsy

Dessert table - cupcakes made by my mom & sister (thanks!), Amelia's cake made by me (Allergen-free cake by Cherrybrook Kitchen, available at Whole Foods)

I found these wall stickers at Babies R Us that matched our theme. We're putting them up in Amelia's room now that the party is over.

Party hat I made

Aunt Kimmy decorated Amelia's highchair - DIVALICIOUS!

My attempt at Cake Pops a la Bakerella. Mistake #1 - using Amelia's allergen-free cake that has no butter or milk. Mistake # 2 - using too much allergen-free icing. They were a little gooey, but Kim & I get an "A" for effort!
The car Alex & I gave Amelia
Learning House from my parents and Aunt Marilyn

Some of the party people

Playing house - isn't it a bit early for that?

Sean, Kim, Jennifer & baby Greta

Ready for her cake, hating the hat

Gooey icing
But it taste so yummy!!!

Look at my messy birthday girl!

So cute, but she so got a bath right after this!
Thank you to everyone who shared this special day with us!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

11 Months Old!

Do you notice that the older Amelia gets, the harder it is to get a decent picture with her by her birthday signs? Yeah, she's hard to keep still!
Anyway, Amelia is 11 months old now. I know I say it every month, but the time really is going by way too fast. Our baby is growing up! I'm not going to write a long post...everyone just wants to see pictures, right? Well here are a ton:
11 months old

Done with all the pics


Where's Amelia?

Nomming on some toes

Conked out in Daddy's arms

No, I'm not playing with paper, Mom. See? What paper?

Showering with Daddy - look at my cute butt!


With Mommy - fighting the tired

With Daddy - getting more tired

With Aunt Kimmy - completely tired
I have a lot of really cute videos I need to post, but they take soooooo long to upload, so that'll have to wait until next time.


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