Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day

I am an extremely lucky girl.  I am surrounded by fantastic dads.

My dad...I just don't think I can write about how I feel about him without crying.  I'm a bit of a Daddy's Girl.  I admire the heck out of him.  His father passed away when he was young.  My dad not only supported his household, but he took care of his mother and different-abled sister.  He worked like a dog in a physically demanding job, and often did without so that his girls (wife included) could go shopping and have things they wanted and needed.  I rarely heard him complain, and I don't remember him taking too many sick days in his whole work life since I was around.  He is kind, laid back, hilarious, loving, and giving.  Not only does he love me & my sister, he ADORES Amelia and Julian.  Watching him as a Grandfather takes my love for my father to a different level.

Alex is the best dad.  I always hoped that the man I married would be as great of a dad to our kids as my dad was to me.  Alex has met and exceeded that goal.  He is wrapped around Amelia's little finger.  His eyes light up when she's around.  He was fantastic during her birth, and I would NOT have made it through Amelia's newborn phase without him.  He has never complained about changing diapers, and I would even go so far as to say that he was a better, more natural parent to Amelia when she was a newborn than I was.  Alex is so in love with Julian, and I can tell there is a pride he feels when looking at his son.  His first concern is taking care of the kids and me.  There isn't anything that he wouldn't do for us.  And he's a fun dad!  He likes to take the kids places, and do activities with them.  He's very hands on, and I love it (so do the kids!).  Alex is an amazing dad, and I constantly stand in awe of how much he loves all of us.  I love to sit back and watch him interact with Amelia & Julian.  I love Alex so much, and could not parent without him.  I hope he feels the love that his family has for him.

Wow, that was mushy!  :)  I hope both of the dads had a great Father's Day.  Alex really wants a weight bench, so as soon as he picks one out, that will be his gift.  Julian & Amelia gave him an iTunes card, and a framed picture of their hand prints.  We spent the rest of the day at my parent's.  We gave my dad a Cabela's gift card, and had a really nice dinner.  I had fun, and I hope they did too.


The best dad 

 Julian in a hat

With Daddy - Julian's expression is hilarious! 

Put that hat back on! 

...or take it off & run away! 

 Maxin' & relaxin'

My view of the backseat...on the way to Grandma & Grandpa's. 

Talking on Skype with Babcia & Dzia Dzia

A Week in Pictures

 Someone found her Jasmine costume and wanted to wear it...over her outfit.

Julian in all his glory, complete with spit-up stains. 

 The blur also known as Amelia entertaining Julian

 Amelia & Julian playing Princesses

Tummy time.  He gave up and decided to suck on his fist. 

Princess Village 

Amelia over-seeing Princess Village 

Amelia puts her Minnie pillow over her head and sings, "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!"  Old school style.

Julian - 3 Months

Let's see if this works...

Woo hoo!

I've tried making this post several times but it would NOT upload pics.  I'm glad it's working now.

Julian is 3 months old.  We're not sure how much he weighs or how long he is because we don't see the ped until 4 months.  We just recently moved him to size 3 diapers, and he's in 3-6 month clothes.  He is |--| this close to rolling over, but just doesn't get all the way over.  He still doesn't like tummy time, unless he's on someone's chest.  Julian coos, babbles, and "talks" to everyone.  He also laughs and giggles a lot.  :)  It's super cute.  He loves standing and bouncing.  He's starting to play with his toys now, and he's pretty good at grabbing things and hitting toys that you put in front of him.

Julian is a really good baby.  He's generally easy going and happy.  He LOVES Amelia and she is so good with him.  Her newest thing is wiping his mouth when he spits up or has too much drool.  She also likes to hold his bottle for him and help burp him.  She's a GREAT helper!

Speaking of drool, we're drowing in it!  I swear that I feel a bump on his lower gums, but nothing yet.  I think Amelia got her 1st tooth @5 months, so we probably have some time but we're keeping an eye on it.

Julian is looking more and more like Amelia every day, but also more different than her (if that makes sense).  For comparison, I give you Amelia @3 months old.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blogging problems

Sorry for no new posts - I am having problems with the site.  It's not letting me upload pictures.  As soon as I have time to try to figure this out, I'll have new posts (I hope!).

Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit of this & that

Just sharing a few pics of the kiddos from the past few weeks!

Amelia reading "Goodnight Moon" to Julian

Amelia looking out the window

Crappy pic of Julian on the video monitor - arms folded behind his head while he's sleeping



They're holding hands - SWOON!

The jungle gym is fun for both kids!

How YOU doin'?

Baby pool fun

Babcia, Amelia, Alex & Julian

Playing with the pool & little mister thing

Daddy & Julian

Alex, Julian & Me

Babcia reading to Julian & Amelia

My babies


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