Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been slacking...I owe a lot of pictures! Sorry. :) Mommy's been working long hours. Without further ado...AMELIA!!! [Next time I'll post some videos]
Sitting in her new ducky tub
1st bath in the ducky tub...she loves it!
1st trip to the STL Zoo. Don't let that smile fool you...she was NOT into the Zoo. See next picture.
We didn't realize she was pouting until I uploaded the picture!
Chewing on the babyproofed table.

Swimming in her baby pool for the 1st time.

Daddy giving Amelia a ride in the laundry basket. Hey Amelia, can you fold those clothes while you're in there?


Looking at all her toys in her bin at Grandma & Grandpa's.

This is how we found her when we unzipped the sleep sac this morning...all the snaps undone and her legs wild & free!

Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Months Old!

Hello! This is Amelia. Mommy has been really busy lately and forgot to blog about me turning 8 months!

Babcia is visiting from Michigan, so we've been doing lots of cuddling. I can say "mamamamama" and Mommy says that makes her really happy! I can sit by myself, and stand (when holding on to something) for a while. They keep trying to get me to crawl, but I'd rather walk. Every time I sit on the floor by myself, I try to pull up so that I can get walking!

For my 8th month birthday, Pampaw, Mamaw and Great Aunt Marilyn came over for dinner with us. Babcia made a lot of food that smelled yummy, but I can't eat any of it yet. I got a lot of presents! Mommy & Daddy even got me this toy that I can sit with or walk with. I like to try walking with it, but sometimes my feet don't move as fast as I want them to!

Playing with my new toy

I'm a big girl...check out my pictures!
Sitting in the big chair on my birthday

Hey, I wanna play on the computer too!


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