Friday, November 25, 2011

Suson Park

I took the kids to Suson Park to meet up with some of the moms from my group.  It's a fun park - there's a play area, a lake, and a little farm for the kids to look at animals.

Mason & Julian hanging out 
Olivia & Amelia on the slide

Happy Boy

Checking everything out

Brave Olivia

Planning her next move

The girls

Horse stalls

Looking at the chickens

The boys again

Pixies & Pirates Playdate

The mom group that I belong to has an annual Pirates & Pixies Playdate at the Butterfly House.  The kids dress up, run around & burn off some energy, and we all take pics and get to have some adult conversation.  

This was the first year we went & it was so much fun!  Amelia liked seeing Olivia and meeting new kids. Of course, the play area at the Butterfly House is super fun, too.

A HUGE thanks to my friend Leanne for organizing the event & for making Julian's outfit.  She's Super Woman.

My pirate pixie - she borrowed the hat from a little pirate at the park 
The littlest pirates

Daddy & Julian

Behold the Bubba

Where's Amelia?

Keeping an eye on Robbie

Ring around the rosie

Some of the cute pixies

Checking out the spooky decor


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Fun

Cute face
Just chilling in a pink exersaucer


Modeling the Maid Marian dress I made with my mom's help
Julian's first time in the swing

Not super impressed

Snow White - checking out her new Cinderella clock

Listening to the story it tells

Wearing my jacket


Pretending to be Rapunzel

Sweet Potato

Yummy prunes

Boo at the Zoo

We have a tradition of going to Boo at the Zoo with our good friends, the Peusters.  This was our 3rd year, and Julian's 1st time.

Natalie was Ariel, Amelia was Maid Marian (from Robin Hood), and Julian was a cute baby with a pumpkin hat.  The girls were really into the Zoo and loved looking at all the other costumes.  We didn't wait in line for candy, we just wandered around looking at the animals.

Sadly, in a weird chain of events that I don't feel like getting into because I'm still a little bitter about everything, I don't have any pictures (of my own) to share of the day.  Liz took some pics and I might have to try to "borrow" some from her.  :)

World Champions, baby!

Just a quick little post bragging on my Cardinals.

World Champions!!!!!

I love my birds.

As a side note - Amelia thinks that every squirrel we see is Rally Squirrel.  :)  I love that girl.

Mommy/Daughter Date Night!

My friend Leanne invited me and Amelia to a Princess event at the Disney Store.  She invited another friend and her 2 daughters, we decided to have dinner together, and we made a date out of it!

Amelia & Olivia dressed up as Rapunzel, Chloe dressed up as Ariel, and Caelyn dressed up as Alice in Wonderland.  The girls were adorable!  They all had so much fun eating and hanging out at The Cheesecake Factory.  When the girls got a little restless while we were waiting for the bill, we started playing an impromptu Princess Trivia game.  They loved it.  Then we all held hands (Ok, the moms didn't hold each others hands) and headed up to the Disney Store.  The girls seemed to be the hit of the mall - everyone smiled and commented on how cute they were!  The Disney Store was, of course, a blast.  They all had so much fun.  After doing some shopping, the girls congregated in the back of the store by the huge screen and danced to the videos.  I know the girls had fun, but I totally had an amazing time, too!

Now Amelia regularly asks for more "dates" and if we could go to The Cheesecake Factory with her friends.  :)  We've created a monster.

A Parade & Some Apples

What a busy, fun day for the Pontus Family!

We started the day watching the Hazelwood West Homecoming Parade with some dear friends.  We met up with Liz & Natalie, and Poppy.  Amelia really enjoyed her first parade!  Amelia & Natalie were CANDY MAGNETS.  The amount of candy that was thrown at, and at one point actually just handed to, the girls was insane.  If we had been wearing our thinking caps, we would have carted all of it home so that we would have been stocked for Halloween.  :)  Julian didn't seem to care either way about the parade, but that was to be expected.  Let's face it - any time he's not crying is a good time.

After lunch, we headed to Eckert's with the Brown Family.  Since Babcia was in town, she came with us.  Boy were we glad to have her - she helped wrangle the girls!  Amelia & Olivia had fun picking apples and then trying to pick out pumpkins.  We spent some time in the store and then headed over to the farm animals and rides.  Amelia shocked the heck out of us and not only rode a pony, she rode a flying ride thingy with Olivia!!!  Both the pony & the ride were huge hits.


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