Sunday, September 11, 2011

August pictures

Just a post with a lot of pictures from our busy August!

Getting some Grandpa time

On the way to the Zoo

Looking at the tigers

lunch time!

Aunt Kimmy & the kids

Amelia with the anaconda

Julian & Daddy

Singing into a Playdoh microphone

Sleepy boy

Snow White

Good morning!

Alex & Kim at the Trainwreck

Me & Mick

Alex & Mick

Me & Kim

Amelia playing with her new Princess dolls & castle

Julian in the jumperoo, wearing antlers

Grandma, Grandpa & Julian

Uncle Mickey & Julian

Amelia, Julian & Babcia

Play time!

Aunt Kimmy & Julian

Dress up shoes on Julian

Aunt Kimmy & Julian

Isa's Baby Shower

While we were in Michigan, we were able to attend Isa's baby shower.  Isa is the wife of Alex's cousin, Tomek.  They flew in to Michigan from California.  This was the first time they met Amelia & Julian.

It was so great to see Alex's cousins and aunt & uncle!  The food was super yummy (of course) and the company was awesome.

A few highlights:
  • Amelia started the party afraid of the cute doggies (terriers) but ended up loving them.
  • Julian took a pretty good nap during a majority of the party.
  • Amelia LOVED the piano and had a little sing-a-long with Ciocia Basia.
  • Amelia danced her booty off to the music in the basement.
  • Amelia really wanted to open Isa's presents.
    Feeding the dogs carrots

    Playing outside
    Babcia & Eva
    Babcia & Ciocia Basia
    Sing-a-long with Ciocia Basia
    Amelia & Isa
    Isa, Tomek & Baby Sebastian

    The beautiful Mommy-to-be
    Amelia feeding the dogs under the table

Trip to Michigan

We made our first trip to Michigan as a family of 4 for Labor Day weekend.

My parents loaned us their mini-van (thanks, guys!) and the kids did pretty darn good on the road.  It was the longest car ride Julian has had and, while we had some crying fits here and there, he slept most of the time. 

It was a good visit.  Mom got in a trip to Ikea, Dad got to go fishing with his dad, the kids got to play in the pool a ton, we saw family at a baby shower, hung out with friends at a party, and the kids soaked up some Babcia & Dziadek time!  The only thing that would have been better is if we could have stayed for a longer visit.

Mr. Handsome

Lounging in the pool

Pretty girl

So happy!

My boy

Cutie pie!

Looking at old pictures with Dziadek & Babcia

Posing with Nadal - "He's handsome!"

Playing together

In his carseat

In Alex's old room - Amelia's favorite room


Little Miss Thing in her new big girl carseat

Playing in one of the "rooms" at Ikea

My boys, clearly enjoying Ikea

Me & some of my exciting finds

Julian trying out a bed

Daddy, Julian & Amelia

Dziadek, Daddy, Julian & Amelia

Dziadek & Julian - they look alike, no?

Modeling his hat

My cutie patootie!


So cute, I can't stand it.

My handsome guys!

Dziadek & Julian

Babcia & Amelia


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