Sunday, June 20, 2010

Updates Galore!

I think I posted about 7 new updates...WITH pretty please with sugar on top scroll back through and read them ALL!
Oh and a special message to the Grandmas - happy now? Can you stop bugging me for a little while??? :)

Father's Day

I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing fathers - my friends, relatives, my own father and my husband. Alex is the perfect dad - he loves Amelia so much and would do anything for her. We love him so much!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Here are a few pictures from today:


My family

Alex & Amelia - serious

Alex & Amelia - silly

Our pretty girl

Declan's 2nd Birthday Party

I'm still in denial that Amelia's friends are turning 2...that means she'll turn 2 soon. *sigh*
Amelia's boyfriend Declan had his 2nd birthday party yesterday. He LOVES trucks & cars! It was such a cute and fun party. Declan's Daddy arranged for a fire truck to swing by - it was awesome! The kids got firefighter hats and could climb into the truck for pictures. Amelia liked the truck, the lights & the hat, but was afraid of the engine running so she declined a photo op. :)
Here are some of the pics!

June far

My parents went to NY to visit Kim, and took this pic with Spongebob at the wax museum especially for Amelia...Amelia carries the picture around with her! :)

Playing in last year's baby pool - too small . . .

Playing in THIS year's pool - big enough for all of us!

Seriously, so cute!

We keep her in this box during the day (KIDDING - she likes to play in there)

Hiding behind the curtains

Trying to do a somersault in the yard

Putting together her new water table

Hanging out on the box

The water table is a hit!!!

Taking a "water" break from the water table

Family pic


Cuddling the cold child

Being silly

Kiss-y faces!


May pictures

With her baby doll

With Daddy

Clearly, I'm disturbing her reading

Keeping up on the vocab

My daughter is a 2-fisted eater when it comes to french toast sticks!

Playing with her Yo Gabba Gabba "nella" (umbrella)

Rocking the Ni Hao, Kai Lan hair-do!

Dancing along with Yo Gabba Gabba

Here are some pics from Memorial Day, including sprinkler fun!
[If the slideshow doesn't load for you, click on "View All Images" below]

Natalie's 1st Birthday Party

We had a BLAST at Natalie P's 1st birthday party! Here are some of the pictures:

April pics

Yes, I've fallen behind with blogging. I'm only human. I'm a human who works 40 hours/7 days a week, who has errands to run, dinners to cook, a toddler to chase around, and who tries to squeeze family time in wherever I can. Blogging isn't my #1 priority...sorry...that's just life. :)

Regardless, please enjoy some pictures from the month of April.

The cuteness is too much sometimes.

Watching morning cartoon in the big chair with her Backyardigan babies!

Sleeping with her Elmo

How Amelia brushes her teeth

Swinging at the park

At Red Robin with Grandma

I'm kind of cheesy

Sharing a bao-bao (hug in Chinese - thanks, Kai Lan!) with Amelia

Amelia cracking up watching Tom & Jerry

Riding in Grandma & Grandpa's new Routan


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