Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

1st time in the snow

We had a white Christmas for the first time (that I can remember) in a long time. We took advantage of the snow and let Amelia loose on my parent's front yard. It was super funny! Here are some pictures to prove it:

Christmas Card Out-takes

Now that everyone has received their Pontus Family Christmas Card, we can show off other adorable pics that did NOT make the cut.

Not sure about the lollipop

Okay, this WAS on our was just too darn cute to NOT include here. :)

Sticky cute mess

Feeling the effects of the sugar

Falling over!

Trying her hardest to get the whole sucker in her mouth.

Playing on the floor with the props.

With the giant ornament (thanks for the glitter everywhere, stupid ornament!)

Chowing down on "Santa's" cookies. Can you tell we don't give her sweets often???

Trying to eat the lights

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Picture Time!

As promised...


Standing still for a pic

Ready to go play outside

Rocking piggy tails

1st lunch at the mall food court...with Babcia!

Posing with Babcia

Discovering ketchup

With Gobble-Gobble on Thanksgiving

Scoping out the Black Friday sales

Amelia's Nativity Scene (before she scattered all the pieces all over our house)

St. Nick presents from Babcia & Dziadek

Two-fisting it..."gilk"(milk) & juice

Playing with her laptop from Babcia & Dziadek while testing out her new blanket

Posing with our ornament-free, artificial Christmas tree

Just moving these blocks

St. Nick's presents - various Christmas books

Finding the books...check out her cool bed hair! She got a visit from the Hair Fairy!

Our little reindeer

Watching stupid "Max & Ruby"

Working on the computer

Whew! Work is hard.

15 Month Appointment

Amelia had her 15 month appointment at the pediatrician today.  This was a rough visit.  I'm pretty sure she recognizes the office as a place where she gets poked, prodded, and shots.  Today she got more vaccinations...MMR and chickenpox.  Those are live viruses, so we're on fever-watch.  :(  She also got the 1st dose of the flu shot (not H1N1, just the regular flu shot).

She did NOT like the shots!  It's so hard to have to hold down her arms and watch as she screams the silent scream until she explodes into uncontrollable sobs.  Amelia is a trooper though.  She had pretty much stopped crying by the time we put her clothes back on.  She got a safety sucker, and enjoyed taking a few licks off that.  Overall, she seems to be doing ok.  We're giving her extra cuddles.

On to the fun stuff...her stats!  Amelia weighs 24 pounds (although she peed right after being weighed, so maybe a few ounces less) and is 32 1/4 inches tall!!!  She weighs as much as an 18 month old, and is as tall as a 20 month old.  Dr. S. is extremely pleased with her growth and said she was "charming".  :)  He was also amazed that she knows more than 20 words and a few sentences.


I know that I am behind with posting, I apologize.  I have been working a ton, and don't have a lot of free time with holiday preparations.  I'll have a picture post up soon, maybe this weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fight Premature Births

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. 

I always thought the March of Dimes was a great organization, but it definitely holds a special place in my heart since our own brush with a premature birth.

My EDD was 10/3/08.  Starting around 31 weeks, I just felt my body was getting ready for labor.  My OB thought I was being overly sensitive (and probably one of those neurotic pregnant women!).  My blood pressure was always fine, I was constantly measuring right along with my due date.  No real "signs", just all mother's intuition I suppose.

My 35 week appointment was on a Wednesday.  My last day of work was that Friday.  That evening, Alex & I went to a furniture warehouse sale with my parents and bought a dining room table (we had just moved into our condo the weekend before).  Saturday, we ordered a crib from Babies R Us.  We had my parents over for dinner on Sunday.  All evening I had contractions...I thought they were BH.  I ate a chocolate pudding cup around 8 pm and went to bed shortly after.

I woke up around 1:30 am with terrible back pain.  I went to the bathroom, got back in bed, and the pain wasn't getting any better.  I didn't really feel contractions, but noticed the back pain was kind of coming and going so I tried timing my back pains.  I couldn't focus, so I woke Alex.  Sure enough - 5 minutes apart.  I called the exchange, grabbed my bag and headed to the hospital. 

I wasn't in excrutiating pain, just uncomfortable.  I even walked myself to L&D and to the exam room (and the L&D room, for that matter).  Upon examination, I was told I was already 4-5 cm dilated.  I expected to be sent home, but was admitted and was told I would have my baby that day.

During labor, I was told my baby would be a late-term preemie.  Since she was born at 36 and 37 weeks is considered "full term" (but it's really not, so I won't even get into that), we weren't sure if there would be any problems.  There would be a NICU doctor in the room when my baby was born to examine her. 

Amelia Katarzyna was born at 8:24 pm on September 8, 2008.  Fortunately, she was perfect and didn't need to spend any time in the NICU.  She had feeding issues, but that was it.

We are extremely lucky that Amelia was born so healthy.  Unfortunately, far too many babies are born early.  And far too many of those babies require special attention because of health problems.

It would make a huge difference in the lives of children if everyone took a minute out of their day to donate to the March of Dimes.  It would mean a lot to us, and to Amelia. 

Thank you!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This year, Amelia had 3 outfits (Mommy couldn't make up her mind). She wore one of them to Boo at the Zoo - she was a flower princess. Here she is in her "day" outfit.

Girly skulls!
Here are our pumpkins:
Yawning pumpkin (me & Alex's pumpkin)

Smiling pumpkin (Amelia's)

Halloween is also Pampaw's birthday. We spent the afternoon at Mamaw & Pampaw's house and had dinner, birthday cake, and a little trick or treating!

With the birthday boy!

Changing into my costume - a GUITAR!

But I don't WANNA be a guitar!

Wait, there's candy involved?!?

With the torturers, I mean, Mom & Dad.

The best part about trick or treating is running around outside.

Aren't I the cutest guitar EVER???

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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