Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party Details

This Mommy loves a party!  I love throwing parties more than I love GOING to parties (weird, I know).  I guess that all started with our wedding.  I did all the paper products and decor for the wedding by myself.  I felt a genuine sadness after the wedding - not because of my marriage, of course, because I no longer had a party to plan.  When we had Amelia, I realized that I would be able to plan and throw at least 1 party each year!  Yay!  Now that we have Julian, I get to do 2.  Pure joy!

A lot of people think I go overboard, that they're just birthday parties, but I disagree.  I'm making memories.  Sure, the first 2 birthday parties were for me ('s not like Amelia cared much).  But from here on out, Amelia will look forward to and geek out about her birthday party every year until she's, oh, 30 (I'm estimating).  As long as I can, I will strive to make her parties as amazing as I can.

Let's look at the details, shall we?

The invitation sets the tone.  Ours were fit for a Princess.  [etsy]

I did the calligraphy on the envelope.

I decorated using tulle.  Lots and LOTS of tulle. [Hobby Lobby & Joann Fabric]

Looking into the formal living room. 

Better shot, looking into formal living room & dining room

Paper lanterns above kid eating area [Party City].  Looking into dining room.

Looking into dining room

Backdrop for gift table

Close-up of the tulle table tutu that I made - you don't want to know how much tulle I used (and still could have added more)

Girl table - tulle boas (NOT made by me, thank you Target!) and Princess crowns

Amelia's tiara was Cinderella

Boy table - Prince crowns & foam swords

Ribbon wreath I made

Close-up of Princess ribbon

Paper fans on entry ceiling [Party City]

Close-up of paper flower on garland [Party City]

Final set-up of dining room table.  Cups for kids [Party City].  Princess pinata that we never used [Party City].  

The girls (all as Cinderella) in front of the birthday sign with the Disney Princesses [Party City]

THE cake [Wedding Wonderland]

I forgot to take a picture of our front door.  I hung an "A" that was decorated with tissue paper flowers that I made on the door.  There was a "Happy Birthday" banner below it, and a tulle garland above the door.  It looked very festive.  :)

Overall, it was a lot of work.  I definitely took on more projects with this birthday party than her other parties.  I think it was worth it...the look was almost exactly what I envisioned.

Party on!

"Lost" pictures

Ok, they're not really "lost".  I just didn't have a clever title for a post to showcase all these random pictures.  4 blog posts in 1 day will do that to you.  Meh.  You just want to see the pics, anyway.  :)

She was "driving" her baby to Target

Playing with her new dolls from Babcia & Dziadek

Belle & The Prince disguised as The Beast

Parenting: one on the potty chair, one on the activity mat

Amelia using the leftover tissue paper circles as platforms for her Squinkies

Tissue paper central

With my girl

My laughing boys

Amelia - the cause of the laughter.  Apparently, all she has to do is look at Julian & he thinks it's HILARIOUS.

Aunt Kimmy & Julian

Gifts from Aunt Kimmy

Snow globe!

Listening to the "Tangled" soundtrack before her birthday party

Chilling in the gym

Holding baby Julian


So cute!

I love this picture of the boys watching Amelia

Showing off her big girl haircut

In the Jumperoo

Really examining the animals

In the igloo tent


Helping Julian

My 3 favorite people


I worked on decorations & crafty stuff for Amelia's birthday party for weeks.  The Thursday before her party, my parents picked up Amelia & kept her over night (her first over night, cue the mommy anxiety).  Alex & I took advantage of the "free" time by putting up the party decorations.  Mommy also had a much needed dinner out with a friend, but Alex was a super good husband and worked on decorating while I was out.  While we finished putting up the decorations on Friday, Amelia & my parents hung out and then picked up Aunt Kimmy from the airport.  Then they all came to our house.  We took pictures of her seeing the decorations for the first time - I will NEVER forget how much she loved (and still loves) everything.  We may have to keep them up for a while...I don't think she'll let us take the decorations down!

They're here!

Seeing us for the 1st time in over 24 hours

Kind of peeking in the windows

Hi guys!




Look at all the Princess stuff!

Taking it all in.

This is all for me!


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