Friday, November 25, 2011

Pixies & Pirates Playdate

The mom group that I belong to has an annual Pirates & Pixies Playdate at the Butterfly House.  The kids dress up, run around & burn off some energy, and we all take pics and get to have some adult conversation.  

This was the first year we went & it was so much fun!  Amelia liked seeing Olivia and meeting new kids. Of course, the play area at the Butterfly House is super fun, too.

A HUGE thanks to my friend Leanne for organizing the event & for making Julian's outfit.  She's Super Woman.

My pirate pixie - she borrowed the hat from a little pirate at the park 
The littlest pirates

Daddy & Julian

Behold the Bubba

Where's Amelia?

Keeping an eye on Robbie

Ring around the rosie

Some of the cute pixies

Checking out the spooky decor


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