Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Parade & Some Apples

What a busy, fun day for the Pontus Family!

We started the day watching the Hazelwood West Homecoming Parade with some dear friends.  We met up with Liz & Natalie, and Poppy.  Amelia really enjoyed her first parade!  Amelia & Natalie were CANDY MAGNETS.  The amount of candy that was thrown at, and at one point actually just handed to, the girls was insane.  If we had been wearing our thinking caps, we would have carted all of it home so that we would have been stocked for Halloween.  :)  Julian didn't seem to care either way about the parade, but that was to be expected.  Let's face it - any time he's not crying is a good time.

After lunch, we headed to Eckert's with the Brown Family.  Since Babcia was in town, she came with us.  Boy were we glad to have her - she helped wrangle the girls!  Amelia & Olivia had fun picking apples and then trying to pick out pumpkins.  We spent some time in the store and then headed over to the farm animals and rides.  Amelia shocked the heck out of us and not only rode a pony, she rode a flying ride thingy with Olivia!!!  Both the pony & the ride were huge hits.

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