Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Date Night!

My friend Leanne invited me and Amelia to a Princess event at the Disney Store.  She invited another friend and her 2 daughters, we decided to have dinner together, and we made a date out of it!

Amelia & Olivia dressed up as Rapunzel, Chloe dressed up as Ariel, and Caelyn dressed up as Alice in Wonderland.  The girls were adorable!  They all had so much fun eating and hanging out at The Cheesecake Factory.  When the girls got a little restless while we were waiting for the bill, we started playing an impromptu Princess Trivia game.  They loved it.  Then we all held hands (Ok, the moms didn't hold each others hands) and headed up to the Disney Store.  The girls seemed to be the hit of the mall - everyone smiled and commented on how cute they were!  The Disney Store was, of course, a blast.  They all had so much fun.  After doing some shopping, the girls congregated in the back of the store by the huge screen and danced to the videos.  I know the girls had fun, but I totally had an amazing time, too!

Now Amelia regularly asks for more "dates" and if we could go to The Cheesecake Factory with her friends.  :)  We've created a monster.

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