Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Months Old!

Hello! This is Amelia. Mommy has been really busy lately and forgot to blog about me turning 8 months!

Babcia is visiting from Michigan, so we've been doing lots of cuddling. I can say "mamamamama" and Mommy says that makes her really happy! I can sit by myself, and stand (when holding on to something) for a while. They keep trying to get me to crawl, but I'd rather walk. Every time I sit on the floor by myself, I try to pull up so that I can get walking!

For my 8th month birthday, Pampaw, Mamaw and Great Aunt Marilyn came over for dinner with us. Babcia made a lot of food that smelled yummy, but I can't eat any of it yet. I got a lot of presents! Mommy & Daddy even got me this toy that I can sit with or walk with. I like to try walking with it, but sometimes my feet don't move as fast as I want them to!

Playing with my new toy

I'm a big girl...check out my pictures!
Sitting in the big chair on my birthday

Hey, I wanna play on the computer too!

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