Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Baby Pics!

Alex & I had a 3D ultrasound last Saturday. It was incredible!!! We were able to see our baby's face in such detail. She's beautiful!

We have a CD with 53 (!) pictures, so here are a few. You have to see these... (click on the pictures to see them larger, hit the back arrow to return to our blog)

AMAZING!!! She looks a lot like my baby pictures, but her profile in some of the shots (especially the 2nd one above) she looks EXACTLY like Alex.


Sean and Natalia said...

Oh wow oh wow, what awesome pics! The pictures say 4D so it's even better than 3D! We had one for Declan at like 17 weeks, and it was amazing then...look at yours though! Wowser!

Can't wait for the tykes to meet! Little Declan told me to tell you "BURP" and "WHAA". No really he says hello. Talk soon!

Jenn said...

Hehehe, yeah...I guess they were 4D pics! That's me and my amazing attention to detail. I was just so distracted with the actual pictures I guess.

Jodi Henderson said...

She is beautiful, is she giving us the peace sign in the 3rd picture? Love ya, Jodi


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