Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Weeks?!? Holy Moly!

This week I hit the 30-week mark. Unbelievable! On one hand I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER (especially on those 95+ degree days), but on the other hand I feel like time has just flown by.

I am well into the 3rd trimester, my last one. Overall things are going well. I have the "normal" 3rd trimester gripes. I'm tired all the time, my belly hurts from stretching, my legs are swollen from my knees to my ankles (shockingly, my feet are NOT swelling yet), I'm a bit emotional (Alex would probably put me on the "highly" emotional side of the scale), and I'm not sleeping well at night because of hip pain and a stuffy nose. Congratulations--I'm a normal pregnant woman!

I had my 30-week check up this morning. As expected, my doctor told me that everything I'm experiencing is normal and that everything with me and the baby look great! Baby P's heart rate was 154, right around where it always is. I'm clear to travel to MI next week, and I'm good to keep working as long as I feel up to it. I'm on "every-2-weeks" appointments now. Eventually I'll go every week.

Oh yeah! I forgot the most EXCITING part...I passed my Gestational Diabetes (GD) test!!! Every pregnant woman gets tested between 28 and 30 weeks for GD, and it was my turn last weekend. I had been monitoring my blood sugars for weeks with a glucometer and everything had been normal, so I expected no problems. But you just never know and I was a little worried. We got the results that I passed and I couldn't be happier!

Baby P is still an active little baby. We're convinced she's going to be a Ninja warrior! They say I'm supposed to be able to detect her sleep patterns, but I'm pretty sure she never sleeps. Well, it's either that or she 1) sleeps at night while I'm sleeping (in which case, I can say my baby already sleeps through the night, yay!), or 2) moves while she's sleeping. In any event, Alex & I really enjoy watching the Baby Show!

No new pictures...yet! My belly is quite large and I know everyone wants to see it, but we always forget to take pictures. Maybe I'll have a new one up this weekend...STAY TUNED!

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