Friday, April 17, 2009

First Pontus Family Vacation, Part II

Our vacation was pretty relaxing. We spent every day at the pool, and went to the beach 3 times. Alex was able to play beach volleyball and tennis with his brother, but didn't get to go fishing. Oh time!

For Good Friday, Alex's parents took us to a seafood restaurant in downtown Sarasota, Barnacle Bills. I know, I know...JENN in a SEAFOOD restaurant!?! Yep. But I kept it real, I had pasta, NO seafood for me! I did try a bite of Alex's tilapia though. Anyway, it was Amelia's first time in a restaurant and she did really well.

Alex's parents had a lot of company over during our vacation. It was great because so many people were finally able to meet Amelia. She's such a happy, friendly baby!

Sunday was Amelia's first Easter. She looked so adorable in her fancy dress! We took so many pictures with everyone! Alex's mom cooked an AMAZING brunch and dinner. We ended up having company for Easter dinner, and then Alex & I took Amelia back to the beach for the last time.

We left on Monday, and we were all sad to go. Overall, Amelia did so well on her first trip. She handled the 16-hour car ride wonderfully. We will DEFINITELY go back to Sarasota! Next time, we might even fly. :)

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Rau Family said...

Love, LOVE the Easter dress!!


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