Friday, April 17, 2009

First Pontus Family Vacation, Part I

The Pontus family took it's first vacation last week. We have so much to say, so we'll make it a 2-parter!

Alex & I didn't take a honeymoon, so this was our first vacation as a married couple. And it was certainly our first vacation/trip with a baby. Alex's parents invited us down to Sarasota, Florida for Easter and we jumped at the chance to get away. We decided to drive (*gasp!* drive with a 7 month old?!? to Florida?!? Why not just fly???). I'm not much of a flyer, and with all the stuff Little Miss Mimi needs it wasn't much of a decision to make.

We packed up our Accord (with way more stuff than we needed, but we were on a learning curve!) and were off Tuesday the 7th at 2 pm, after I was done working. I quickly learned that me sitting in back with Amelia to feed her and keep her entertained was the smart thing to do. We made it through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Georgia that first day. Amelia did AMAZING, she mostly slept and was generally in a happy mood.

We stayed in Cartersville, GA (where, a few days later, a tornado and quarter-sized hail would tear through) in Amelia's 1st hotel room. I was extremely nervous about how a 7 month old baby would do in a hotel room, particularly after a long trip in the car. But it was nothing for Amelia! No crying, just lots of smiles, bouncing and SLEEP.

The next day we arrived in Sarasota around 5 pm St. Louis time. Again, Amelia handled the drive like a pro! Alex's mom had seen Amelia in March, but his dad and brother hadn't seen her since Christmas when she was 3 months old. OF COURSE they went crazy over her!!! The first night was a little rough on her, but she eventually went to sleep.

Thursday morning after breakfast, we put Amelia in one of her bathing suits, slathered her up with sunscreen and headed to the pool (a very short walk from the condo). It was her first time in the pool (heck, we don't take the kid out much so it was her first extended time in the sun!!!) and she LOVED it! She was in a lady bug floaty-thingy and was kicking her legs, actually swimming by herself in the pool. It was awesome. She had lunch and a nap, and then we headed off to Siesta Key Beach to watch Daddy and Uncle Micky play volleyball...and of course play in the water! She loved the beach as well. She had fun, dipping her toes in the waves, she wasn't afraid at all.

And that's basically how we spent our days: breakfast, pool, eat/nap, dinner, beach, sleep. Not too shabby!

See you in Part II! :)

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