Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 Month Professional Photoshoot

Amelia doesn't have a good track record for getting professional pictures taken.

For her 1 month and 3 month/Christmas pictures, we went to JCPenney. They were running 30 minutes behind for at her 1 month appointment, so by the time we had them taken she was OVER IT. They took like 12 pictures of her. We lucked out because there were some really cute shots. The 3 month/Christmas picture appointment was a complete disaster. I think they took about 6 pictures, and only 3 were decent.

For Amelia's 6 month pictures we decided to have a photographer come to US. We thought a more professional photographer taking pictures in Amelia's own environment would make for much better pictures.

We were wrong...we got TOTALLY AMAZING PICTURES!!!

The very talented Brigid Robeen from Ramblin'Rose Photography took Amelia's pictures March 14, and we had a sneak peek of 4 pictures that evening. We received the DVD of the images just shy of 2 weeks later. Brigid is absolutely amazing and not only will we use her again, we recommend her to EVERYONE!

All of the pictures were fantastic, but here are a *few* of our favorites:


Ramblin' Rose Photography said...

I am so glad that you love them. I have yet to recieve the prints yet and as soon as I do I will email you and send them on their way.

Lisa said...

Those pics are great! So adorable!

The Peusters said...

Wow, she's amazingly beautiful (like you didn't know that).

All About Amelia said...

i think she looks just like you jenn and the pics are adorable! i love that dress! so cute. and i find it ineresting that we are both jenn's with amelia's. do you have a nickname for her? we call ours Mia.

Rau Family said...

Those pictures are fabulous. I think my favorite is of Amelia on her changing table with her name above her. TOOOO cute! I am glad you like the pictures and the photographer as well. We are in the process of looking into a new photographer for when the kids get their 2 year pics. So, what does she charge for individual pictures after the session fee? I was confused.


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