Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amelia's 6 month check up...

Today we took Amelia in for her 6 month check up. As usual, Dr. S said what a healthy, beautiful baby girl we have. He said that she has the head/neck control of an 8 month old! She's definitely growing...over 17 pounds and 27 inches.

The bad news is that she's allergic to bananas. We started them on Saturday, and everytime she would take a spoonful she would cry. Then yesterday while I was feeding her she broke out in hives, so I stopped feeding her the bananas. She didn't have difficulty breathing or any swelling in/near the mouth. The hives went away a few minutes after I stopped feeding her. Dr. S confirmed my suspicion that she is allergic to them. Eventually we will probably do allergy testing, and she will end up with an Epi-pen just in case. The good news is that bananas are easy to avoid.

Amelia also got her 6 month vaccinations. The first shot didn't even faze her, but the second one made her BLEED and she started screaming! Poor baby! She's been cranky all day, but we've been giving her extra kisses and cuddles.

We don't go back to the pediatrician until she's a year old, but we'll probably take her in at 9 months to get a height/weight check.

Overall, she's a normal, healthy, happy baby!!!

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Rau Family said...

She is just too cute! 6 months went by fast didn't it? She looks alot like you!!


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