Friday, March 20, 2009

1st Tooth!

Amelia has her 1st tooth!

I guess she's actually had it since Wednesday night. I didn't know when you officially considered the tooth "in" -- when it cut through the skin, or when it was visible from straight on. I've been told that it's when the tooth cuts through the skin, so she's had her first tooth since Wednesday! No pictures yet. The child won't sit still for that! I know the tooth next to this one will be poking through soon...we can see it below the surface.

Hard to believe that we have a little person with a tooth! And now she can bite us.

Amelia finished pears last week and we're currently on peaches. So far, so good. I'm really nervous about food allergies now that we had the reaction to bananas. I'm obsessed, actually. "Is her tongue swelling? Is she wheezing? Do you think she's OK???" Yeah, Alex thinks I'm crazy. I just want to be careful. After peaches we'll start meats...mmmmmm!

Our little girl is growing up! :)

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