Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eating chicken...

Since we'd worked through (basically) all the Stage 1 foods, fruits & vegetables, we moved on to Stage 2 foods today. Basically, we're introducing pureed meats.

The first one is chicken. It smells pretty ok, like chicken, but it looks totally gross. I don't know, the idea of pureed meats in and of itself is disgusting to me. But I move on... We're pumping Amelia up, trying to get her excited to try something new. She gets in her high chair, sees the spoon and makes her happy face. We're off to a good start. So I take a little on the spoon and let her eat it.
She wrinkles up her face, she gags...she HATES it! I give her a drink of formula from her sippy cup, to help get the taste out of her mouth so we can try it again.
Another spoonfull, same reaction. We gave her about 5 spoonfulls before we quit. Check out her funny "yucky" faces:
Just to prove that we haven't tortured our child, here's a pic of her shortly after.

We gave her more chicken for dinner. This time, I warmed it up and mixed in some applesauce. No pictures, but she ate it that way. She could tell something was different with the applesauce, but she ate it, no "yucky" faces.

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