Monday, May 9, 2011

Natalie's Birthday Party

Natalie had her 2nd birthday (2 already?!?) party this past weekend. Amelia was SUPER excited about going, and played "birthday party" all week to get in the mood (I guess).

We had a great time! It was fun to see our friends - let's face it, we haven't seen too many people since Julian was born. We've been battling illness after illness, and of course Julian had surgery. It was our first appearance as a family of 4 (other than at my parent's house).

Everything went well. Julian slept through most of the party in his carseat. Amelia had fun interacting with other kids and playing with Natalie's toys. She was too excited to eat anything - she didn't even want cake or ice cream. The only not fun moment was when Amelia threw a fit because she couldn't open Natalie's presents. We had tried to prepare her for that, but all rules went out then window when she saw bows and wrapping paper! She didn't actually unwrap any of Natalie's presents, thank goodness.

It was so nice to get out & we can't wait to see Natalie & her parents again!

Julian all dressed up for the party

Amelia all dressed up for the party

Trying out Natalie's bike & helmet

Safety first!

Natalie's Dora the Explorer cake

Natalie's cake

Julian sleeping

Natalie feeding her Mommy

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