Monday, September 15, 2008

Amelia's Birth Story

Sorry this has been delayed...we haven't had internet at home! It was supposed to be installed last Monday, but Amelia decided to make her appearance so we missed our appointment. But it's all good now!

After my last OB appointment, I had been having sporadic back pain and contractions. I was, of course, feeling more and more uncomfortable. My last day at work was Friday, and that night we went with my parents to a furniture sale to buy a dining room table. Saturday we went to order a crib for the nursery. Sunday we went back to the furniture sale, looking for chairs (no luck). We had my parents and aunt over for dinner that night, and I was having slight contractions during dinner. Alex & I went to bed early, but I woke up at 1:30-ish having extreme back pain and contractions. I tried timing them before waking Alex up, but it was too hard so I told him to start timing my contractions. They were about 5-6 minutes apart so I called the exchange and was told to go to the hospital.

We left at about 2 am, expecting to be sent home due to false labor. When they checked me, I was 4-5 cm dilated and my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart so I was admitted. The back pain was HORRIBLE! I had planned on holding out without an epidural for as long as possible, but I ended up getting one at 5-ish. I progressed pretty fast, with a little help from Pitocin. I was stuck at 9 cm for hours because it turned out my pubic bone was protruding, and it was preventing her head from fully descending. They thought I might have to have a C-section.

I was mostly comfortable and in good spirits, but the epidural wasn't that effective. They had to inject my epi line with half a C-section dose 2 times. The first time, I had no problems. The second time it caused extreme chest pain and shooting pain down my right arm. I really thought I was having a heart attack. Luckily, the pain subsided fast. The anesthesiologist suspected that my epi wasn't in correctly (great).

My doctor decided to see if pushing made any progress getting her head past my pubic bone, so I started pushing around 6 pm. I was making progress, but had to stop pushing because the right side of my back hurt tremendously. At that time, they decided to take out my first epidural and give me another one. This time it was in correctly and I rested comfortably for about a half an hour.

At a little after 7 pm, I started pushing again. It really wasn't bad at all, I was in the zone and ready to have my baby. She was born at 8:24 pm.

I can't believe she is a week old today. Time flies so fast. I will update with more pictures later...we have to upload more to the computer.

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