Thursday, April 3, 2008

HELLO, 2nd Trimester!

I've passed a big milestone...I'm in the 2nd Trimester now! Supposedly, this is the most "enjoyable" trimester (we'll see!). I should be getting my energy back any day now. I am definitely showing! My bloated little belly has officially turned into a hard baby belly. So exciting!

We had a scare today. I had some spotting at work, and was told by the nurse when I called that they wanted to see me. So we had to make the trek from downtown to Missouri Baptist Hospital around lunch-time! I was a complete mess, I was so scared that something was wrong. Our doctor is so great!!! She didn't waste any time, she did an ultrasound and found our little Sweet Pea, kicking away! All is well!!! Our baby definitely looks like a baby now. We got some pictures this time. We were definitely relieved to find out that the baby is fine (or as our doctor says, "beautiful!"). She checked my cervix and said it's just as it should be, so the bleeding was just probably because of all the stretching going on to make room for the baby. She still wants to see us next week at our scheduled appointment to hear the heartbeat. We asked, while she was there, if she could tell the sex of the baby. Unfortunately we have to wait until May 12! The ultrasound machine in her office is just too fuzzy for her to make that call. Oh well, it was worth a shot!

We'll have more to report next week after our appointment. For now, we're both extremely thankful that Sweet Pea is doing well! Keep the prayers coming...they're definitely working!

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