Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Strong Heartbeat

Today we had another doctor's appointment.

It was a pretty fast appointment since we were just there last week. Everything looks blood pressure is perfect and I haven't gained any weight!!! After she asked if I had any questions/concerns, she whipped out this little wand-thing and started searching away for the baby's heartbeat. I had been prepared that it could be a few minutes before she found it so I wasn't worried when I didn't hear it right away. She kept finding it and then the baby would move! We have a sneaky little baby!!! : ) Ultimately, we did get to hear the sweet "swoosh swoosh" sound of our baby's heartbeat! It was really cool. The heart rate was 156, and if you believe Old Wives Tales that means it's a girl. I don't believe in them, so we're going to wait 5 weeks until our big ultrasound to find out for sure!

Alex brought our camera to record the sound of the heartbeat, and I was going to upload it here (I still might), but it's really soft and hard to hear.

We go back in 4 weeks, and then the next week we find out if we're Pink or Blue!!!

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Anonymous said...

*cough cough to get attention* First one! OH!!!! i never knew that old wives tale, but 56 is the year my dad was born, so it could be a boy. is it going to be Alex Jr.? that's be cool. or, even better, Cristina Jr. hahaha jkjk w/e you want cuz. THE OFFICE IS TOMORROW AT SOME TIMEON NBC! WATCH IT! (oooooooo i'm excited!) can't wait to see my new baby cousins!


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