Thursday, July 30, 2009

Messy Girl

For those of you who don't know me very well, you need to know 2 things: I don't like food messes and I don't like my hands to be dirty.
The whole feeding Amelia solids has been a challenge for me. I wipe her hands off as soon as she gets food on them, I don't let her touch things until she's clean. Yeah, I'm not a whole lot of fun. Since she's been feeding herself finger foods, I've *tried* to be a little less OCD about the mess, but it still bothers me.
Last night I tried feeding her Stage 3 jarred foods for the 1st time. It was a HUGE disaster. She really didn't want to be spoon fed and was fighting me. So I started dropping the chunks of peas, carrots and potatoes on her tray and she fed herself. Um, it was MESSY. Wait, that deserves exclamation points...a LOT of them. It was MESSY!!!!!!!
I started wiping off her hands after each bite. Then she touched her head before I could clean her off. I freaked out! Of course, Amelia thought it was hilarious. It seemed the harder I tried to clean her off, the messier she got. At one point, I actually laid my head down on her tray in defeat. Amelia reached out with her messy hand and patted my head.
So, I did what I probably should have done in the 1st place...I got my camera & took pics!!!

Yeah, I'm messy. You gotta problem with that?

See??? Chunks in the hair. Gross.

Here are some other pictures:

Chewing on a ring

This is what relaxation looks like

Eating hard boiled egg yolk

Napping with Daddy

Standing at the window

One of her favorite spots...watching Dora (Backpack, Backpack...)

Representing for our Detroit peeps!

And a video of Amelia's new favorite game..."NO!"


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