Thursday, July 30, 2009

Names Day and Babcia's Visit

July 10th was Amelia's Names Day. Babcia came in from MI to help celebrate. We gave Amelia a wooden box from Poland. Babcia gave her a small wooden Polish box, and a rosary blessed by Pope John Paul II that belonged to Amelia's great grandmother. Mamaw and Pampaw gave Amelia a medal of her patron saint. What a great 1st Names Day!
We had so much fun when Babcia was visiting! Enjoy the pics.

Watching tv from her play pen

Sitting outside with Daddy

Bath fun!

I love remotes!

Just chilling in the bouncer

Watching the All Star game on tv

Trying out her new chair from Babcia

Cousin Brendan helping Amelia stand

Trying to get to her bath toys

With Babcia

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