Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amelia's 1st trip to Michigan!

We took a family trip to Michigan to visit Alex's family. It was Amelia's 1st time up there. It was definitely fall, and it gave us an opportunity to dress Amelia in some of her cute warm clothes!

It was such a great trip! We went to Ikea (squeeeeeee!), but mainly just chilled at Babcia and Dziadek's house.

On Saturday, we had an open house for people to come meet Amelia. It just so happened to take place on my original due date, October 3rd. It kind of ended up being another birthday party (that's 4, if you're keeping track). We had a lot of fun with everyone.

Meeting baby Reed

I love Reed!

Pigtails! They were in for about 5 seconds.

With Miss Jodi

Me, Wujek Mikolaj and Babcia

Mark, Emma, Daddy & me

Daddy, me, Mommy, Mark, Jackie & Emma

With Pani Jadzia

I LOVE my Wujek!!!

Playing outside with Daddy

Having fun in the backyard.

With my Dziadek

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